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Bring The Chef 

Chef is an independent contractor to perform work for—or provide services — they are non-employee of Cape Cod Villa

Option 1: Clambake

 $165 pp

Steamer clams and mussels

  • Clams and mussels in white wine, clam juice, tomatoes, garlic, and thyme Tenderloin

  • Marinated and roasted tenderloin beef with red wine reduction Fish 

  • Cod fish or swordfish in tomato and caper sauce



  • Marinated and roasted chicken with red pepper relish

  • Steamed potatoes and corn

  • Salad: Mixed greens with tomato, carrots, cucumber, onions, avocado dressing



  • Gluten-free apple crisp with non-dairy vanilla ice cream


Option 2: Surf and Turf Plated Dinner

$215 pp


  • Pumpkin, sweet potato soup

  • Salad: Mixed greens, candied nuts, poached pear with champagne vinaigrette



  • Filet of beef with cod, red wine reduction, and tomato caper sauce

  • Fingerling potatoes and asparagus



  • Sorbet

Premiere Chef Service

Additional: $55 pp for any option

Cocktail hour

Beverages: Tequila, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Vodka

Hors d’ oeuvres: Fresh vegetable spring roll with sweet chili sauce

option to add shrimp or chicken

or melon and prosciutto balls

Gluten and Dairy  free

Chef arrives 3 hours before serving to allow for preparation on-site.
Chef agrees to bring only fresh products to be cooked at Cape Cod's Villa kitchen and/or grill 
The chef is responsible for preparing the food, setting, and clearing the buffet, cleaning the Cape Cod Villa's Kitchen, and removal of all trash generated, except for empty bottles and cans.


Chef Riza & Sous Chef Dennis

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